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Best Spiked Lawn Aerator Shoes and Sandals Reviews for Gardening

By chadchaffin | Gardening

Apr 13

For any property owner, going home to a lush, green lawn will always be a welcoming and refreshing sight. We all know though that a well-manicured lawn requires maintenance, which can either be a lot of work for the homeowner, or a lot of expense when outsourced to someone else.

So when your lawn seems to be not as lush as it is before, then it definitely is high time to act on it before it will require a more drastic like professional treatment, or worse, a new bed of grass.

Aerating the lawn is one way to make lawn grass healthier and greener. It basically means getting air, water and nutrients flowing back to the grass roots, once the soil has been too compact or there are other issues that prevent the grass from individually absorbing the nutrients from the water and the lawn fertilizer.

There are a couple of ways to aerate a lawn, and one of these ways is by using Lawn Aerator Shoes. This guide aims to help you decide on which particular brand to purchase given your specific needs for your lawn, and your personal considerations as well.

We will be discussing the ways to aerate a lawn, and why lawn aerator shoes is quickly becoming a favorite option of home owners. We will also be dishing out some tips in buying lawn aerator shoes as well as the factors to consider when making a purchase decision.

To further guide you in buying a pair, we would also be providing recommendations on the best lawn aerator shoes based on certain specifications.

Most Recommended Lawn Aerator Shoes

Below is a summary of the top Lawn Aerator Shoe brands in the market and how they fare in comparison with each other, and in terms of important factors to consider when purchasing this type of garden tool.

We no longer included a cost comparison of the brands since they are priced in almost the same cost bracket.

We will be including in this table comparison, the following brands:

  1. GoPPa Lawn aerator shoes
  2. Acre Gear Already Assembled Lawn Aerator Shoes
  3. Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes w/Metal Buckles and 3 Straps
  4. Ansbro Lawn Aerator Shoes

Ways to Aerate a Lawn

There are five ways to aerate a lawn, and it usually depends on the size of the lawn, and the preference and availability of the homeowner on which way he will go for.

  • Hand Aerator is probably one of the most common tool to aerate a lawn, and it is affordable too. It looks like a mini version of a rake, and can effectively loosen the soil in an otherwise compacted ground. And while this method is almost perfect for homeowners who are tending a small garden, it could be quite taxing especially when it has to be done on a regular basis. It is manual labor to say the least.
  • Rolling or Spike Aerators. This could be the most effective and quickest way to aerate a lawn, but it definitely comes with a price. A rolling aerator is best for big lawns and grassy areas that would need regular aerating to maintain its lushness. It works like a lawn mower, only instead of grass cutters, it has a roller with spikes that poke holes into the ground so that water, and fertilizer nutrients can be absorbed by the grass.
  • Plug Aerators. Is one of the most efficient ways to aerate a lawn – thanks to the hollow tines that ensure water and fertilizer gets into the roots of the grass. And while it is very effective, it does not work on all types of surfaces. For instance during the summer, or when the lawn got too hard and compact due to heavy foot traffic, the plug aerator can get damaged as the tines will not be able to penetrate the soil. In fact the hollow tines of this tool can get bent when used in too hard a lawn area.
  • Aerator Shoes. For the multi-tasker, aerator shoes proves to be the best solution to a lawn that is already losing its luster or life. It is so easy to use, in fact, one can aerate a lawn while tending to other garden chores by wearing aerator shoes underneath one’s gardening footwear. And while it is not advisable to use it on a slope, lawn aerator shoes is fast becoming the first option of homeowners and gardening enthusiasts because of the convenience that it brings. In short, it gets the job done without the fuss!

Benefits of Using Lawn Aerator Shoes or Sandals

There are many benefits in using lawn aerator shoes or sandals. Here are some:

  1. Allows Multi-Tasking. Lawn Aerator shoes help busy homeowners aerate their lawn while doing other garden chores. All they have to do is to wear it, and presto! They are already aerating their lawn through the spikes of the aerator shoes.
  2. It is affordable. A home garden owner no longer needs to hire professional services which can be costly, nor purchase a gardening tool that can be quite pricey. Lawn Aerator Shoes are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. And as long as it is used properly, and cared for by bits owner, it can last for years.
  3. It is space-saving. Lawn Aerator Shoes are the aerator of choice of property owners with smaller homes and garden. This means that having a huge aerator like a spike or rolling aerator may eat up too much space on mini garden. Lawn Aerator Shoes are the opposite of that because it is compact and easy to store. It is also very easy to pack away especially during months when a homeowner does not need to aerate his lawn.

Factors to Consider when buying lawn aerator shoes

There are a couple of notable brands of aerator shoes in the market today, such that a prospective buyer can easily get confused as to what qualities to look out for when it comes to selecting a good lawn aerator shoes.

Here are some of the factors to consider when buying lawn aerator shoes:

  1. Purpose of Aerating. How big is the area you are supposed to aerate and how regularly do you intend to use it. Once you have considered these factors, then decide on the comfort, convenience, and durability the shoes can provide.
  2. Effectiveness. How effective is the lawn aerator shoes, and are the tines string enough to aerate the lawn and ensure that water and nutrients gets to the roots of the grass? Some tines do bend even on the first use especially when the ground is too dry or has not been moist enough for aerating. Make sure to get a pair that comes with strong, heavy-duty tines that will serve its purpose.
  3. Shoe Size. Some aerator shoes may have a one-size-fits-all type of sizing, and some do have size specifications. People with smaller feet, or women in general, may be better off choosing lawn aerator shoes that have relative sizing options.
  4. Durability. Find out about the material used in manufacturing the lawn aerator shoes, and make sure that it is weather-proof and durable enough to sustain the wear and tear of regular use.
  5. Strapping. Check out the material used in strapping the lawn aerator shoes to your gardening footwear, and if it can function using your gardening footwear of choice. This is because some straps may not be adjustable enough to fit into the gardening footwear, such that it comes off easily, causing the wearer too much of a hassle.
  6. Extra Tines. Some brands do come with extra tines so that if ever some gets bent or does fall off, one can easily replace it so that the shoes can still work efficiently.
  7. Cost. Of course, a person should buy only what he can afford. Lawn aerator shoes are affordable, but its costliness may be subjective depending on a person’s budget. Take advantage of online deals and discounts.
  8. Warranty and Customer Service. Does the product come with a warranty? What if the tines get bent, or simply the straps will not work well with your gardening footwear? Can the manufacturer offer up some options? What are their provisions for returns and request for refunds? These questions are very important should you encounter any issues with you pair of lawn aerator shoes.

General Tips when Buying and Using Lawn Aerator Shoes

  1. Make sure to get the right aerator shoes. Check out the sizing and adjustability of the shoes you are buying. Ensure that the straps fit well and that the contraption is comfortable enough for you to stand in while working and walking around your garden.
  2. Surface compatibility check is important. Take into consideration the topography of your lawn or garden, as well as your lawn size before buying. Aerator Shoes may not function well on slopes.
  3. Consider Ease of Assembly. Some aerator shoes may require assembly, and it will always be a smart idea to choose one that is easy to assemble and use.
  4. Double check the quality. The materials used in manufacturing the lawn aerator shoes should be of top quality. For instance, the straps should be durable yet weather resistant. Same goes with the buckles, which ideally should be made of metal. More importantly, the spikes should be durable enough to withstand the wearer’s weight and at the same time be strong enough to create holes in the lawn that will be the access point of water and nutrients towards the grass.
  5. Add-ons are important. Apart from extra spikes, a wrench that is included in the shoe set could come in handy.

GoPPa Lawn aerator shoes

Acre Gear Already Assembled Lawn Aerator Shoes

Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes

Ansbro Lawn Aerator Shoes


It effectively holds the feet tight for a more efficient and comfortable aeration. The tines are tightly held too in the foot contraption making it even more durable in forking the lawn, and ensuring that water gets into the grass.

This product has very durable tines held by spring lock washers that prevents it from getting pulled out or bent. At the same time great foot contraption that fits tightly to the wearer’s regular shoe, making it even more effective even on extra compact soil.

Quick and Convenient to Use as it easily straps on to the sandals, fit well on any chosen gardening footwear

It is heavy duty and very efficient such that the twenty six tines that are held by twenty six washers easily penetrates the soil for easier and better aeration.


The sturdy straps are effectively held by rust-proof metal buckles that help this garden tool become even more heavy-duty and weather proof.

It is made of sturdy straps, zinc-alloy buckles that prevent breakage, and two-inch sharp steel

Has metal buckles, and durable sole that latches on any ordinary shoe

It is made of six nylon shoe laces or straps, plus heavy duty zinc alloy buckles that quickly and tightly holds a regular shoe unto this gardening contraption.


The tines are made of durable two-inch spikes that can effectively penetrate even on compact soil.

The 13 tines in each sandal are extra heavy-duty sharp steel spikes. These are two inch long to provide for maximum lawn aeration.

The tines are made of two-inch metal spikes that fork into the ground to help water and nutrients get through the grass roots.

The tines are made of two-inch metal nails that effectively penetrates the lawn. There are a total of 26 tines per pair of lawn aerator shoes.


This particular lawn aerator shoes comes with four straps that effectively clips on any ordinary shoe, or gardening footwear on to the aerating shoe contraption. This ensures less accidents, and better comfort for the wearer.

This sandals come with an extra strap, such that the wearer can comfortably fit the sandals unto his chosen regular footwear.

This lawn aerator shoes has three instead of the usual two straps to ensure comfort and great fit as you aerate your lawn

This product fits well on any regular shoe given the straps, and just the right-size buckles that firmly and tightly attaches the lawn aerating sandals on a regular pair of shoes.


This product arrives at your doorstep pre-assembled saving more than 40 minutes of your time in assembling the product. You can literally use it right away, upon getting it out from the box.

No assembly required. It is pre-assembled as it gets shipped into the home. The only time one has to assemble something is when he needs to attach an extra strap.

Easy to assemble and wear on regular footwear

This product requires a quick five-minute assembly that is fully guided by a detailed instructions flyer.


It is a one-size fits all foot contraption

One size fits most

One-Size Fits All

It is a one-size fits all product that has the following specific dimensions: 11-3/4" x 5-1/2".


It comes with two extra nails, a small wrench, and a recyclable box for stowing away after aeration.

This particular brand comes with two extra straps, two extra spikes, two extra nuts to secure the two extra tines, two additional spring-loaded washers for the extra spikes, an all- purpose wrench, a user’s manual plus step-by-step usage instructions.

It has three instead of the usual two straps, and these heavy-duty straps are held by a metal buckles that are definitely not flimsy

Comes with extra nails, an extra screw nut and washer just in case some gets lost.


So far this product has the best warranty features as they come with a 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee clause. The manufacturers are so confident with their product that they will replace or issue refunds if the buyer will not be happy with his purchased lawn aerator shoes.

The customer should get in touch directly with the product seller to obtain information on warranty, refunds, and returns.

Buyer has to directly get in touch with the product manufacturer for warranty and returns

This product comes with a 30-day worry-free guarantee and great after-sales assistance.


When looking for the best lawn aerator shoes, one must consider all the features, materials, and ease of use factors that come with each pair of this gardening tool.

Among the four lawn aerator shoes reviewed in this guide, The Goppa Lawn Aerator Shoes comes with the best features, great price point, good convenience features such as pre-assembly, and great warranty and after sales feature.

The heavy duty materials used in this gardening tool makes it an affordable and convenient way to aerate a lawn, as compared to renting out expensive gardening equipment just to ensure that water, fertilizer and nutrients get into the grass roots.

What is also great about it is that no matter the size of the feet, one can comfortably use this lawn aerator because of the straps and buckles that are perfectly designed to ensure an optimal fit and tight wear – critical for effective lawn aeration.

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