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Best Solo Backpack Weed and Garden Sprayer Reviews

By chadchaffin | Gardening

Apr 21

A Backpack Sprayer is an essential gardening tool meant to ensure that herbicides and other gardening formulas reach the plants, flowers, and trees in the garden without requiring too much effort from the gardener. Apart from making the gardener’s life easier, it also helps ensure safety while working in the garden by not exposing him too much on herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals or gardening solutions that may endanger his health.

There are manual and battery operated garden pumps, and both have corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Piston, diaphragm, and battery operated, and gas powered pumps abound the market today, aiming to ensure a better gardening experience for any enthusiast.

This guide aims to help you choose the most appropriate backpack sprayer for you considering your needs and preferences. We will be discussing the various benefits of using a backpack sprayer, who stands to take advantage of these benefits, the factors one has to consider in purchasing a backpack sprayer, plus our comparison table on the high-rated backpack sprayers in the market today.

Who will benefit from a backpack sprayer?

Home gardeners with a lawn, and a sizeable garden (as opposed to pocket gardens), mini orchard, hobby farmers, as well as those who operate a small business related to farming, gardening, pest control, and home cleaning treatments.
As you can see, backpack sprayers are not just solely meant for gardening, it can also be used for other activities such as home disinfection, cleaning, pest and mildew control and the like.

The Advantages of Using a Backpack Sprayer

Backpack sprayers carry a ton of benefits for a gardening enthusiast, hobby farmers, and other individuals who choose to utilize such a gardening tool. Here is a list of the advantages of using a Backpack Sprayer:

  1. Backpack sprayers allow home gardeners and hobby farming enthusiasts to spray a bigger lawn, farm or garden area without having to go back and forth to refill tanks.
  2. Backpack sprayers somehow help in minimizing the user’s exposure to harmful liquid and powdered gardening mixtures and chemicals found in fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and the like. It can also hold even more harmful chemicals like bleaching and disinfecting solutions which can be targeted properly.
  3. Backpack sprayers make spraying more targeted on flowers, shrubs, trees and other garden plants, helping the garden or small farm owner save on expenses.
  4. Backpack Sprayers have multiple uses and are very versatile when it comes to the applications where it can be utilized. Apart from gardening and hobby farming, it can be used in deep cleaning a home or a small commercial space, it can likewise be used in home treatments for pests, as well as mold and mildew.
  5. Some modern backpack sprayers are designed to be ergonomic, lessening the strain of carrying and repeated spraying motion on the gardener as he works in an area.

Factors to consider when buying a backpack sprayer

There are a lot of types and brands of backpack sprayers in the market, such that it can be quite challenging to narrow down choices and pin point which one to purchase. For the inexperienced when it comes to back pack spraying, it will be helpful to know what features to look out for before making a purchase decision.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing a backpack sprayer:

  1. Main Objective. This is the foremost factor to consider when picking the right backpack sprayer to suit your needs. You must know your objective when buying a backpack sprayer. It is important that you know why you are buying, what applications you will be using it for.
  2. Type of Chemical to be used. There are quite a number of chemicals that are used in backpack sprayers and some could be corrosive. While the usual Piston-Style pump can be greatly pressurized, it is not meant for abrasive solutions and harmful chemicals found in some herbicides as these can contribute to its corrosion. Powdered formula likewise cannot be used on Piston-type pumps.
  3. Type of plant to spray on. When one needs very targeted applications, then Piston-type pumps can be very useful. Targeted applications ensure that the chemicals and liquid gardening or farming formulas are absorbed by the plant. Moreover, it helps in efficiently dispersing chemicals. At the same breath, wide spraying such as those in weeds, may be great for diaphragm type sprayers.
  4. The area where the backpack sprayer will be used. The bigger the area, the bigger the capacity of sprayer one will need. A bigger-capacity backpack sprayer will be more convenient for the user since he will not have to go back and forth refilling his tank with liquid or powdered spray formulations just so to cover the whole lawn, garden, farm or mini orchard. The caveat here though is If one gets the biggest tank available, the tank’s weight can strain the body in the long run.
  5. The Budget. People have unique budget considerations when it comes to purchasing any product. The good news is that there is a good sprayer for every price point. Of course it will depend on where the sprayer is manufactured, the materials used and the durability. A good trick in finding the best sprayer for one’s budget is to determine the amount you are willing to pay for, and then find the sprayers in that price range.
  6. Preference for Manual or Battery Powered Pump. Of course manual pumps are cheaper but repetitive movements may cause strain after sometime. Battery powered pumps are very convenient to use but depending on the battery capacity of the pump it can be quite disruptive when the battery runs out prior to completing the spraying activity. It is important then to make sure that the battery capacity can last the same time it will be used.
  7. Weight and Capacity of the tank. Back Pack Sprayers are usually sold in two, four and six gallon volume capacity. If you have a small garden then a two gallon back pack sprayer tank can be a good choice. The maximum capacity tank of six gallons meanwhile can help ensure that you will not be refilling every now and then, but then carrying a back pack that heavy can strain one’s back and be achy to the whole body. Moreover, it may constrain the user to use more spray liquid than what is really needed.  
  8. Length of time a backpack sprayer will be used per session. This will determine the capacity, and battery power requirements of the back pack sprayer about to be purchased.
  9. Ease of Use. One has to try on the backpack sprayer or at least check out web videos of reputable reviewers on how to use the backpack sprayer and how easy it is to put on and operate.
  10. Comfortability. Ergonomic design is a huge plus when it comes to choosing the right back pack sprayer. Imagine having something on your body the whole day? Of course it would be best to choose one that will not strain your back, neck, and hand muscles. Thankfully, there are a lot of Backpack sprayer manufacturers that have considered this feature.
  11. Special Features. It would be best if the Backpack Sprayer of your choice comes with added or special features that will increase usage convenience. Some have extra nozzles that have varied use, some come with extra parts or extended sprayer hose.

1. Field King Professional 190328

Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds in Lawns and Gardens


Field King Professional 190328 is one of the most recommended backpack garden sprayer in the market today. With the many features and design that has the comfort and convenience of the user in mind, the Field King Professional is definitely one of the best finds in the market.

It boasts of a no-leak system that keeps chemicals away from your skin and at the same time keeps your clothing dry. It is made of very durable parts, and those that require regular replacement, can be fixed within minutes without using any tool or equipment. It is ergonomic too ensuring an even weight distribution, relieving the wearer of back aches after the procedure.

It can spray gardening solutions up to 150 PSI, which is very useful for hard-to-reach plants, and plant parts.

2. Stanley 61804 Professional Backpack Poly 4-Gallon Sprayer

Stanley 61804 Professional Backpack Poly 4-Gallon Sprayer


This professional backpack sprayer comes with a poly-wand that has poly tips that are adjustable. It comes with multiple nozzles that have adjustable tips. The large pump enables the Stanley Professional Backpack Garden Spray to pressurize in less time even without too much pumping.

This four-gallon capacity backpack sprayer provides comfortable wear as well given the comfortable shoulder straps. It promises a fatigue-free use even for an extend time in view of its ergonomic carrying straps for a strain-free spraying and operation. Its pump for the sprayer can be transferred to either side to accommodate left or right handed use.

Moreover it is easy to use at it comes with a continuous spray feature, and multiple nozzle tips. It also comes with a strainer that allows the spray solution to remain free from other chemicals and particles.

And because it manufactured by a brand known for heavy-duty products, this backpack sprayer promises to be your heavy duty partner in spraying your lawn , garden, mini orchard, or hobby farm.

3. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack Sprayer

Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack Sprayer, Powered by Black & Decker

The Chapin 63895 is one of the most convenient backpack sprayers to use in the market today. Apart from it being motorized, it can reach a bigger area thanks to its longer length of horizontal spray stream. The same features allows maximum spraying coverage minus the extra work. Continuous spraying can last for almost two hours.

This four gallon tank is also very easy to fill and clean up because unlike other backpack sprayers, it comes with a wide mouth. It has three nozzles that can be used in various applications.

It is also very comfortable to use because of the cushion grips that it has, plus deluxe padded shoulders that will not cause body aches and pains in spite of longer use.

4. Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

This garden backpack sprayer is one of the higher rated sprayers in the market today given its efficiency and convenience when it comes to spraying the garden or the lawn. This great-performing piston pump can reach up to 90 psi, allowing effective spraying and better coverage. The four nozzles that it comes with allows for multi-use.

The Solo 425 is also a professional grade pump that is meant for heavy-duty use. The Viton seals, properly positioned in key areas within the pump ensure that the pump is highly durable and can be used for a longer period of time.

This four-gallon backpack sprayer also comes with outstanding ergonomic features that is further complemented by interchangeable left and right hand operation.


Field King Professional

Stanley 61804 Professional Backpack

Chapin 63985 Powered by Black & Decker

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer


Four Gallon Capacity, Diaphragm Type and Manual Pump.

Four Gallon Capacity. Piston Type, Manual Pump.

Four Gallon Capacity, Motorized, 20-Volt Lithium Battery Operated Pump.

Four Gallon, Piston Type Manual Pump

Gardening Features

It comes with an internal agitator system that ensures that even powdered solutions remain mixed in. It is also high-pressure given the internal pressure chamber system, allowing for better spraying power. Comes with four spray nozzles that allows the user to use the sprayer in many ways, and has a longer extended sprayer.

It comes with a strainer that allows the spray solution to remain free from debris and other particles. It comes with multiple tips for its multi-purpose nozzles. Moreover it comes with a large pump that quickly pressurizes the solution.

It comes with a maximum 35-foot maximum spray stream that allows less effort for the user to reach farther areas. It comes with three nozzles that allow for multiple applications. Has a removable filter to ensure that the debris will not mix up with the spray solution.

Can greatly handle even the harshest gardening and lawn chemical solutions. It is one of the most recommended pumps in the market because it is able to generate a higher pressure, allowing the sprayer to have a more extended reach. Its nylon-reinforced hose is extra-long, allowing for a longer reach, that will minimize needed movements to cover the rest of the working area. Comes with four types of nozzles that make it a highly useful backpack sprayer.

Safety Features

It ensures no-leaks saving your skin from exposure to harmful chemicals, thanks to its internal pump and one way valve. It also comes with an automatic shut-off mechanism.

It just has the standard safety features of any backpack garden sprayer.

It is light lessening muscle strain, and body aches. It just has the regular safety features of standard sprayers.

The ergonomic features of this backpack sprayer is a major safety feature of this backpack sprayer. Apart from that it has the standard safety features of regular backpack garden and lawn sprayers.

Comfort Features

It is ergonomically-designed, lightweight, and very convenient to use. The padded straps, back pads, and waist-belt help ensure comfort during use. It weighs 13.15 lbs. and has a trigger that is easy to use protecting the user from strain from repetitive movements.

It is one of the lightest pumps in the market today, at just 10.4 pounds. It is ergonomic and is designed with shoulder straps that are comfortable enough in the shoulders. The pump can also be transferred from one side to another to accommodate left or right handed preference.

Even if it is a motorized pump, it is amazingly light at just 11.82 lbs. You would not have to pump as well because it is motorized or battery operated. It also comes with a comfortable grip for spraying that is cushioned. It also has plush deluxe shoulder pads for carrying ease. The cushioned spray handle also paves the way for better comfort.

While it is the one of the heaviest backpack sprayers in the market today, the Solo 425 made it up to its users by coming up with comfort features enough to minimize the strain that users may experience with the backpack sprayer. It also comes with an interchanging handle to accommodate a left or right handed operation. The straps are also padded to ensure maximum comfort while working.

Convenience Features

It is so convenient to use in view of its four-gallon capacity, extended wand, four extra nozzles, spray holder, and transferrable pump handle to accommodate right hand or left hand preference.

It stands on its own, such that when one needs to lay it on the ground to attend to something, the solution will not leak. The package comes with an extra bronze nozzle. It has a continuous spray mechanism allowing for better spraying and coverage.

It can spray continuously for almost two hours which is equivalent to fifty gallons worth of spray liquid. This frees the user from manual pumping which can cause strain. It comes with a wide-six inch mouth that allows for easy filling of spray solutions.

This pump is very convenient to use as it is high pressured, allowing the user to spray plants on a wider area without having to exert a lot of effort. Its opening is extra bigger than standard manual pumps to ease refilling. This particular opening has a filter that ensures that the gardening solution will not be tainted with debris. The downside though is that it is the heaviest in the market as it weighs 14 lbs.


It is a professional-grade backpack sprayer that can be used whole day minus any inconvenience. Since it ias made with top notch quality Viton Seals, it can withstand any type of chemical, even those that are known to be corrosive. It is made of Metal and Polyethylene.

Like most backpack sprayers in the market it is made of Polyethylene and Metal. It comes with a bonus brass nozzle that is heavy duty. As a product manufactured by a brand well-known for its durability, the Stanley Backpack Sprayer is expected to be durable.

Better sustains wear and tear given its metal and polyethylene construction. Its lithium battery is manufactured by Black and Decker—a leader in power tools and equipment.

It is made of metal, nylon and High-density Polyethylene, ensuring long service and maximum durability. This pro-level pump is made with high-quality materials that are meant to stand the harshness of even the most corrosive spray solutions. It is UV Resistant as well effectively holding various gardening and farming spray solutions, plus cleansing formulas when needed for that purpose.

Pricing and Warranty

It is one of the higher-priced backpack garden sprayers in the market today. It comes though with a one-year warranty.

It is a mid-priced pump that comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Since it is a product with a high brand recall, good customer service is a hallmark feature.

It is the most expensive among the four pumps in this article and mainly because it is the only motorized pump that we reviewed. Compared however with similar motorized pumps, this pump is moderately-priced.

This backpack sprayer comes with a limited one year warranty. As for the pricing, this particular backpack pump is moderately priced, as it is more expensive compared to similar manual pumps in the market.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

All the pumps in this review have received stellar feedback from their respective satisfied customers. However after this evaluation, we have decided to share with you what we find to be the Best Over-all Backpack Pump and Best Value-for-money Backpack Pump, considering the factors that we have mentioned earlier.

Our Best over-all backpack pump is Chapin 63985 Powered by Black & Decker given its power, durability, and over all comfort and convenience features. As for the Best Value for Money Backpack Pump, we give this title to Field King. Apart from the great garden spraying features, it is a professional grade heavy duty backpack sprayer that is very safe to use. The no-leak mechanism ensures that the spray solution does not only gets wasted. It makes sure that your skin will not be exposed to harmful chemicals while working on the garden and the lawn.

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